After studying and gaining degrees in both journalism and photography some of my first works were naturally photojournalistic. A voyeur documenting the lives of others, but with the loss of my father, I became interested in doing more personal work. For the first time I turned the camera on myself, and my family. The results have been an exploration of my own family history and my African American heritage. Also the change in perspective has caused me to shift from the life of a photojournalist to a more impassioned contemporary artist interested in personal expression, history and culture.


The basic premise behind my work is faith, family and legacy. It is a time capsule for the African-American experience. I am always looking at how the past relates to the present, and whether or not things have changed or remain the same. There is always a history built into the pieces, whether through process or actual materials. I often use heirloom fabrics, and I think that is why so many people can relate to my work.


I am a photographer at heart, each piece starts with an image and progresses from there. The images are printed on cotton fabric, hand-stitched together into traditional African-American quilting patterns and finished as quilts, dresses, sacks or framed quilt tops. I love pushing the boundaries of photography, by using a traditional practice in an untraditional way and hopefully creating a new visual language.


Since obtaining my Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 2010, I have been blessed to exhibit as an emerging artist at the Dallas Contemporary, the Galveston Arts Center, Renaissance Fine Art in Harlem curated by Deborah Willis, PhD, the McKenna Museum in New Orleans, the Camden Palace Hotel in Cork City, Ireland, the Texas Biennial at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria. The work is included in several prestigious collections; the Library of Congress, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Brandywine Workshop in Philadelphia, and the Samella Lewis Contemporary Art Collection at Scripps College in Claremont, California. Along with my exhibition history, I have participated in the Brandywine residency and a residency in Gee’s Bend Alabama with the Gee’s Bend quilters. I am represented by the Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas Texas and the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria.


I am married to artist Sedrick Huckaby and we reside in Benbrook, TX with our three children: Rising Sun, Halle Lujah, and Rhema Rain.

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Liliana Bloch Gallery

Anzenberger Gallery